'The Office' generates more viewing hours than anything else on Netflix

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'Animals are not entertainment': Sea World has been forced to cancel two of its performing dolphin shows in a dramatic day on the Gold Coast, where protesters invaded the pools as part of a co-ordinated sting, leading to several arrests.

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A study has found that constantly being online or on your smartphone creates a state of “online vigilance” where one's mind is automatically monitoring communications. This does not give your mind a time to rest and decreases mindfulness.

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Facebook Files for Ill-Timed Patent for Feature That Knows Where You're Going (Even Before You Do) | This is probably not what you signed up for when you joined Facebook.

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Waitrose is to ban glitter from all its own products by Christmas 2020 in response to mounting concerns about plastic pollution. The move by the supermarket chain comes amid growing awareness of the harm it poses to the environment.

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